What are we interested in? The Tale of Curiosity's Great Friendship with Indifference

And now my granny said that if we don’t eat, this uncle will come and take her, and my brother and I will also play tricks on the balcony with him all day. He will not let us in the yard, nor to his mother. I remember yawning with a canopy spoon, as the doorbell rang. I'm to the window - guys can not see. Well, everything, I thought, a neighbor came for me ... And my grandmother said that she had a special TV at work, which shows that we are at home without adults.

Tyapa. Do dogs think like humans?

Tyapa, a large white poodle-half-breed, was brought to us by a mother from Kiev in Voronezh, where she worked for the Soviet Army theater troupe. He came to her at the railway station, when the theater was returning from a tour. Later, reflecting on why he chose mother, I understood that dogs understand with a sixth sense which people are trustworthy and who are not.

Is it worth experimenting with morality? TV education

This message appeared at the end of August on one of the Internet portals. At first, I could not believe my eyes: children's cartoons, which grew up three generations and growing fourth, are categorized as “18+”! Who does not know, I explain: the designation "18+" means products of a pornographic nature.

What to do baby? Of course, the game!

The more imagination you show now in this matter, the better it will be for the development of the baby’s imagination, and soon he will start to amaze you with the most unexpected versions of games with long and familiar toys. Here are a few options. The pyramid is an amazing toy, because there are so many details in it. It is best to buy a small wooden or plastic pyramid, with 5-6 ringlets and with an axis of the same diameter over the entire height, then the rings can be worn in any order.

How not to be considered a negative person in the USA?

By remembering this, we will overcome the costs of Soviet education. Keywords - all the same "politeness" and "rudeness". Those who focus on “hypocrisy” and “frankness” are cunning. I do not call for flattering people, but the ability to think and express themselves positively gives you trumps in the daily game of communication. It is appropriate to recall: "Someone sees the dirt in the puddle, and someone - the reflected sky."

Intensive personal growth: how to follow your dream?

Even if there is an economic crisis in the world, political conflicts and in general everything is very sad, you can make a breakthrough for yourself personally. We have the right to choose which one we want to make our life. This is what Eric Bertrand Larssen, the author of the book At the Limit, and self-development training, called Hell Week, thinks so.