How did a dolphin from a children's book save my life?

I swim moderately, but that time turned out to be the most stubborn. Everyone had already surrendered and turned to the shore, while I was swimming, swimming and swimming. But I feel that I am tired. It's time for me to go back to land. Spun around, floating back. At first I did not even understand what was wrong. And then I realized that no matter how I rowed to the shore, the waves carry me farther and farther into the strait.

How much does it cost to build a house?

Of course, building a house is more profitable than buying an already finished home ownership, especially if you decided to build it yourself. Building a house with your own hands will cost at least twice as cheap, but for this it is desirable to have basic construction skills or have a building forum. But move away from the lyrical digression.

What discoveries are waiting for a young mother?

I had to learn from my own mistakes. I would, perhaps, prefer to learn that the garbage should be taken out on time (or the smell will appear); to pick potatoes in the garage (or they will germinate there); do not have expired yogurt (and then guaranteed a long night meeting with earthenware). But it so happened that I had to stump for my mistakes (and also for my naivety) because of the birth of a child.

How to learn to enjoy life? Refer to the concept of "leisure life"

Such people are dissatisfied with everyone who slowly walks ahead of them. They are annoyed: queues of four people, “cumbersome” cashiers in supermarkets, slow “crawling” elevators, measured and leisurely conversations. They even play their own weddings in a hurry. “I'm busy!” - their usual response to the requests of someone from home.

How to overcome your stress?

“Stress appears because you, knowing how to do the right thing, do the opposite” (Larry Winget, “Stop whining, head taller!”). Here are some tips to help get rid of unnecessary panic and teach yourself to hold yourself in the hands of important events. Method 1. Medical. Common. Anxiety can drive away the following means known to all: valerian, mint, motherwort, chamomile, and St. John's wort.