What is simple human happiness? Goals and anti-motivation

But aren't we losing at the same time something more important, incessantly striving to reach new heights and setting ourselves hard-to-reach goals?

Goals Real and unreal

When planning your life, any person sets certain goals. Goals can be very different. For example, buy a car by the end of the year. A perfectly achievable goal, if you earn at least 800−1000 cu per month.

Not scary, even if you did not earn a car by the end of the year, you will get it a little later. The goal is 100% attainable. Subject to the conditions outlined above. If there are no such opportunities, the goal becomes almost unreal. Of course, you can get a loan with interest of 25% per annum. But what will your life turn into? Every month you have to give up the simplest things. Is it worth buying a car if you can get to the place of work on public transport ...

In addition, the car must also contain. Pay taxes, insurance, change oils, refuel daily with gasoline, finally. The same goal can be real for someone and almost fiction for another. But the one who can easily buy a car from us is unlikely to be able to buy a apartment in Manhattan, is not it?

Running in a circle

Setting unrealistic goals, we turn our lives into a continuous sprint race. After all, hard-to-reach goals are usually very expensive. In monetary terms. And you did not think that our life is easily measured by money?

Here, for example, you are sitting in an office. After all, you do not want to sit there? What would you do if you didn't need to work? It would hardly be sitting in the office. So it turns out that the hour of your life can easily be measured in monetary terms simply by dividing your salary by the number of days and hours spent in the office. To achieve hard-to-reach goals, you settle for two, for three jobs and, of course, earn ... a little more.

Since it is unlikely at the third job your performance will be the same as at the main one. What do you gain? A little more money. What are you losing? Health (without comment), communication with the family (we are not immortal, so, no matter how trite it sounds, every second spent with your loved ones is expensive), just the time that you could spend on your favorite things. I think that's enough. So it turns out that you are driving yourself to the racing circle. The result is depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, apathy (this is at best). And how many people die before reaching retirement?

Rat Race and Health

It is not a secret for anyone that constant thoughts about the unattainability of any goals, the lack of something important, and dissatisfaction with the existing state of affairs often lead to various diseases. Not just mental.

Naturally, dissatisfaction is a good incentive to achieve goals. But the goals are different. And if, for example, you are dissatisfied with the fact that you are driving not on the “Bentley”, but on the Zhiguli of the fifth model, then such dissatisfaction will only lead to a hospital bed. No wonder the people say that you will not earn all the money. Especially in our conditions. So is it worth it to cheat yourself in vain? The likelihood that you will have such a car in the next 20 years, tends to zero. So what of it? 99.9 percent of the world's population does not drive such cars and this does not make it worse than the rest of one tenth of a percent.

Simple human happiness

So, what is it - simple human happiness? It turns out that for a feeling of complete satisfaction with life it is not at all necessary to have an island in the Pacific Ocean and your own yacht worth 3 million euros. Although it would not be superfluous. But, you are not guilty that you are not the grandson of Warren Buffet, and do not own the Hilton hotel chain?

If you reconsider the views on things, you can understand that happiness is quite achievable without these attributes of luxury and wealth. For example, you build a house. The hands, nailing each carnation. By building it and becoming its owner, you are more likely to be happier than the multimillionaire who built a palace somewhere on the coast of the Azure Sea with the help of contractors.

Or do you dream of a good car. When you finally buy it, you will be more satisfied than the owner of a garage of cars costing a million dollars each. You went to this goal for a long time and therefore know the real price.

When you are surrounded by people close to you, and they are healthy, when your soul is calm, when you can go fishing with friends on weekends - these are values ​​that matter more than all material wealth.

If they offer you a billion dollars, but in return will take away a loved one - what will you choose? I have no doubt that you will make the right choice. Here it is - simple human happiness!

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